Let me be the first to say, welcome home to Booky Nooky!

Booky Nooky is the official home for Book-Boos, Book-Baes, and Book-Theys.

If you are sick and tired of dull, lifeless book reviews; you have found your home.

If you lead a bookful life where reading is supreme, you have found your home.

If the joy of a book doesn’t just include reading it but ranting and raving over every last bit of it’s content, then you have found your home.

If you believe in your core that a book doesn’t end on the last page but lives on within you forever, then you have found your home.

So take off your shoes, get comfortable, and settle in because when you are at Booky Nooky honey, you’re home!

And now, The Booky Nooky House Rules:

  • Reading is fun, duh!
  • Since reading is fun, so should book reviews!
  • Read every damn day!
  • There are too many good books to read bad books
  • Yes, you heard me, some books are bad
  • When it comes to reading, all opinions are valid even if they are wrong

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