Black Sun

A god will return

When the earth and sky converge

Under the black sun

BLACK SUN is an epic fantasy novel with an immersive story that is gripping from start to finish! This is the first book in Rebecca Roanhorse’s Between Earth and Sky trilogy and I can’t wait for the next two books to be published!
Inspired by the indigenous cultures of pre-Colombian Central and South America, BLACK SUN is told from the viewpoint of four main characters: Naranpa, the young Sun Priest struggling to hold her power; Xiala, an exiled sea captain who uses her magical song to calm the sea; Okoa, the son of the Matron of the Carrion Crow clan; and Serapio, a blind and scarred man who believes his destiny is to be the vessel of a god. The story centers on the Convergence, the moment when the world is in great unbalance as the sun, moon, and earth are in alignment. The sun god is weakest during the Convergence, leaving an opening for the return of a new god. The plot is multilayered and complex, full of conniving characters, celestial prophecies, political conflict, adventure, history, and even a little romance!

In a genre that tends to be dominated by white, male storytellers and lack any kind of meaningful diversity; Rebecca Roanhorse’s BLACK SUN is not only a refreshing change but a damn good book! A lot of fantasy novels are rooted in European history and culture, so Roanhorse’s inspiration from pre-Colombian civilizations made for a very unique and entertaining story. BLACK SUN continues to break the fantasy genre mold with its diversity by including numerous strong female leads, matriarchal societies, and characters with diverse gender identities and sexual orientations.

BLACK SUN is a quick read and feels like a great entry-level fantasy novel. But be warned, it is only the start of a trilogy so there is a lot of build up and backstory but no real conclusions yet. BLACK SUN is an excellent epic fantasy novel with expert worldbuilding, dynamic storytelling, and unique perspective!

** Saga Press provided the book for honest review

  • Title: Black Sun (Between Earth and Sky, #1)
  • Author: Rebecca Roanhorse
  • Published: October 13, 2020 (Saga Press)
  • Genre: Fantasy, LGBT
  • Booky Nooky Rating: * * * *

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