Such a Fun Age

SUCH A FUN AGE by Kiley Reid is so hot right now. I mean, come on, the brilliant Lena Waith snatched up the film rights before the book was even published! It’s a fast-paced read that tackles big, important issues and I totally devoured it! Y’all know me (#ProudSlowReader) so when I say I finished it in a few days you know it’s good!

Emira is a young, black woman and like many people in their twenties she is unsure what to do with her life. But she needs money so she babysits a toddler named Briar. Briar’s mom is Alix, a wealthy, white blogger with a “confidence-driven brand.” One night while out with Briar, Emira has a confrontation with a security-guard which sets into motion a series of events that shines a light on issues of race and privilege in the US.

I found it truly amazing the way in which SUCH A FUN AGE discusses racism. Racism is often presented is extreme terms: racists are KKK members or neo-Nazi’s and their racism is violent, obvious, and direct. But racism can be more subtle and even unintentional. The white characters in SUCH A FUN AGE do not consider themselves racists (they have black friends, they are liberals) but how they treat, use, and even try to help Emira is done in a way that is controlling and dismissive. I commend Reid for tackling the hard to discuss subject matters of racial profiling, non-violent discrimination, and white-saviorism without falling into stereotypes or using one-dimensional characters.

Though at times the language was stilted and the ending seemed a little rushed, I found the book wildly entertaining and totally contemporary. You will definitely be hearing about this book a lot so do yourself a favor and read it!

** Putnam Books provided the book for honest review

  • Title: Such a Fun Age
  • Author: Kiley Reid
  • Published: December 31, 2019 (Putnam Books)
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Booky Nooky Rating: * * * *

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